Alfred Vivar: Breeder & Exibitor

Bird Breeder

Alfred Vivar: Breeder and Exibitor of Top Quality: Type Canaries (Glosters, Fifes, Yorkshire, Border, & Norwich), and Exotic Finches 


My name is Alfredo Vivar. I have been breeding birds for over 42 years. I am a member of the Colorbred Canary Club of Miami, South Florida Bird Breeders Association (SFBBA), Suncoast Canary & Finch Club, Florida Canary Fanciers, and a member of the National Finch and Softbill Society. I specialize in Gloster, Fife, Yorkshire, Border and Norwich canaries. I also breed Zebra, Society, Java, and Green Singer Finches. I also breed Diamond Doves and Button Quails to name a few.

Check out my website. I have posted pictures of some of my birds. In my link section I have some great links to other bird breeder sites and clubs. Also check out my Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section for some good information. 

I now live in West Palm Beach Florida. You may contact me for more information on breeding, competing with show birds, and to see what I have for sale right now. I also may have cages, nest boxes, and nests for sale so just ask if you need some. You can either use the Contact Us tab above or email me directly at... or even call me at...


Check out my Facebook and Youtube pages also.


Hablo Espanol.